“There is both an art and a science to the practice of healing. Dr. Jacobsen has both of these components. She brings deep experience and compassionate insight in helping clients learn to manage their conditions. For me, she paced the education component, the skills practice, and the deeper counseling perfectly, and helped me to have a healthier outlook and the capacity to better care for myself and manage my situation. I am so grateful to have found one of the best in the field.” – Adult Patient


“I immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Jacobsen. Drawing from years of experience, she  helped me to understand my lifelong, previously undiagnosed OCD first through literature, then through a variety of exercises designed to weaken the sometimes debilitating hold my condition held over my thoughts and actions. Dr. Jacobsen’s non-judgmental, dedicated and encouraging patient care accelerated my recovery. Her advice took me from a place where I feared many of my thoughts, to a place where I am free from constant worry and fear. The decision to see Dr. Jacobsen and tackle my anxiety was, unequivocally, the best investment and health improvement I have made.” – Adult Patient


“Dr. Jacobsen has been an amazing help and resource for our family. Our son had anxiety associated with bedtime and had a negative self-image as a result. Dr. Jacobsen presented ways to help him in a very easy to follow, sequential process that both he and my husband and I understood. Our son was able to face his fears and take on the challenges we presented him with. His confidence is now soaring as he is proud of all he has been able to accomplish. My husband and I feel like we have a new son, who is happy and much less anxious. The work we have done with Dr. Jacobsen made a huge impact on our family structure and we feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her.” – Parent of a Child Patient


“As a parent of a child suffering with the effects of OCD, I was in over my head as how to help and concerned for my child’s wellbeing. I thought I could make it better, or she might grow out of it. I eventually decided to find her professional help. I took her to see a therapist that recognized that she was suffering from OCD. The therapist referred us to Dr. Jacobsen and told us she was the best of the best. I remember being hopeful about beginning the treatment with Dr. Jacobsen but also apprehensive that maybe this won’t work for my child. I am elated and thankful to say that this treatment works. My child has her smile back and freedom from the hold that OCD had on her. She is thriving and has the tools to manage her OCD. Seeing her have her life back and knowing she will have these skill throughout her lifetime gives me great peace of mind.” – Parent of an Adolescent Patient